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Colorful waste management and house earthworms

Tata Bojs - Pěšáci (100 % recyklovaná verze)

There are waste containers for sorted waste both in Prague and in other Czech towns and cities. Ecological behavior and colorful waste containers are part of sustainable development. Do you know enough about the possibilities of waste management?

Litter bins for sorted waste are to be seen quite rarely on Czech streets. There are, however, plenty of colorful waste containers and scrapyards in the Czech Republic; you can find them literally on every corner. Their bright colors and packaging codes will help you determine where to put what. The specialized website called “How to sort waste” offers a well arranged chart and a virtual simulation showing which waste belongs to plastic, paper, glass or cardboard container. People have always practiced some sort of waste management, so why not follow in our ancestors’ footsteps?


Where should banana peel or dinner leftovers go? Hop on the wave of community composting! Composting in the city is easy and funny. You can compost things either in dry ventilated baskets or, a bit more adventurously, together with your neighbors and earthworms in the kitchen.  

Are you not sure if this is enough? Try upcycling instead of recycling!  In the spirit of post-consumerism, you might find yourself building an elaborate set of shelves out of an old crate of apples or a mop out of an old shirt. Try to re-think your old habits and everyday activities. Be Re-! & Up-!