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Becoming a professional photographer - CS

When young people manage to combine their hobbies with their work, meaningful things and projects can come out of this combination. Projects meaningful not only to them but also to others. Such projects, when supported and set right, have a good chance of success. What kind of action are you going to take? Start right now!


There are a number of possibilities. It is good to start with yourself. You can just sit down in a comfortable chair, make some tea and listen to an inspirational song. How about the seventies classic “You can get it if you really want. But you must try, try and try.”. Or even better, the successful Simon Sink’s TED Talk with the key question “Why?“.



Julia Goyd from Lithuania decided to make a living as a professional photographer. Thanks to the Erasmus Entrepreneurs program, Julia gained a new perspective both on photography as such and on professional commissions. She considers this a great success. She was working with the studio of Jan Sobotka, a Berlin photographer, for three months.



Simon Galati from Italy established a partnership with a farm raising snails. Where are you going to go? Thanks to the European Commission programme, you can get a grant for the transportation and food costs during your stay.


There are, however, many more opportunities for you other than the Erasmus Entrepreneurs program. Advice and financial support are also available within the Social Impact Award, a European contest. A Czech project worthy of inspiration is Pragulic – a Prague initiative where a group of homeless people become “tour guides” and show people the city’s dark corners.


If you already have an idea what field you would like to work in, check the web pages of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic for the regulations on trading. The portal for business and export might also be useful as it offers online consultancy for free. To quote Jindřich Fialka, who has recently determined to make his own recycled jewelry: “Things are happening.”.




Published: Thu, 18/04/2013 - 14:00

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