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Try out life in the future Europe

screenshot ze hry, Čečensko @ Evropa 2045
screenshot ze hry, Čečensko @ Evropa 2045
What is Europe going to look like when you’re fifty? Would like to try how to govern the Czech Republic or France at school? Then you might like the new educational game “Europe 2045”. This new strategy for high schools will take you right to the virtual centre of things.

See for yourself what the issues of governing a state are, how you build relationships with neighboring countries and how the future of the European community might develop. Europe 2045 is an online simulator of the European development for the next few decades. This game is a part of social sciences education at high schools and was developed in cooperation with experts from the Charles University, the Association for International Issues, CIANT and the Sázavská Grammar school. The game teaches students how to debate, solve problems together and think critically. Each player in the simulation represents one EU country which he or she governs and represents in diplomatic meetings. Each person thus combines the powers which are in reality usually distributed between the head of state, government and parliament.


On the governmental level you, the player, determine the domestic politics of your country and assign incentives trying to persuade both domestic and foreign investors to come invest in your country. Factors affecting the investors’ decision are, just like in reality, the amount and composition of taxes, the state of the infrastructure and the level of education in your country. Will you dare to enter the time machine that takes you to 2045?