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“When I was 16, I desperately dreamed about studying at a British university but everyone around me put me off. And today? I walk around the corridors of the University of Southampton and study three languages”, says Petr Kolařík.

“Ever since I successfully graduated from the program, I’ve told many people about it and I usually say the same thing: If you want to see yourself the way you are not able to today, join DofE Award!”, adds the graduate of the international Duke of Edinburgh Award. Duke of Edinburgh Award is a prestigious youth program which was established prince Philip, duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth’s husband. The program consists of 4 basic sections: skills, sport activity, volunteering and an adventurous expedition.


Tim Voase, the deputy to British ambassador and a graduate of the program, remembers his participation in the program: “I took part in the program 20 years ago and it gave me so much. For example those days I spent on an expedition in rainy Scotland taught me to depend on myself and always go on.” An adventurous expedition is one of the sections of the program, together with skill development, sports activity and volunteering.


The program enables young people between 14-25 years to follow their dreams. It allows them to do what they are interested in and gain a prestigious certificate for it. The program motivates young people to work on their abilities and develop their talents. Ondřej Lochman, the program’s director in the Czech Republic, adds: “The participants of the program will especially find out that active approach, endurance and determination is the key to every success. It is time for passivity to go away in our society.”


You can join the program not only as a participant but also as a mentor, trainer, expedition evaluator or local centre coordinator.


Published: Mon, 06/05/2013 - 14:58

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