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What is the European Youth Forum?

© shutterstock.com - Andresr
© shutterstock.com - Andresr
The voice of young people in Europe, this body seeks both to promote their interests and encourage them to participate more in society

The European Youth Forum (EYF)  is an umbrella organisation for national youth groups across Europe EYF member organisations, made up of national youth councils and international non-governmental youth organisations. Together they represent the interests of tens of millions of young people from all over the continent.


What are the Forum's goals for young Europeans?

It works to:

  • empower and encourage young people to participate actively in shaping society – and especially a more integrated Europe
  • promote rights and opportunities for them
  • improve the living conditions for them
  • be their voice in Europe, where young people are equal citizens and are encouraged and supported to achieve their fullest potential as global citizens


How does it do this?


  • getting more young people and youth organisations to take part in social projects, and especially in decision-making processes
  • influencing policies that affect young people, by being a recognised partner for international institutions such as the European Union, Council of Europe and United Nations
  • encouraging policymaking bodies to take youth issues into account in all areas of policy
  • creating viable, genuinely independent youth organisations – both national and international – particularly by pushing for adequate funding
  • getting young people from different backgrounds and countries to listen to and appreciate each others' ideas and experience
  • endorsing intercultural understanding, democracy, respect, diversity, human rights, active citizenship and solidarity
  • contributing to youth work in other parts of the world.


EYF campaigns

One of the latest EYF campaigns aims to get government and business (and young people themselves) to invest more in youth by encouraging youth volunteers and activists to rethink and claim back their future via the Love Youth Future online global community. Young people are invited to share their ideas with others who believe young people can change the present for a happy future.

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