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Find the right place and get involved

BrightStarPhoto21, 2005 CC BY 2.0
BrightStarPhoto21, 2005 CC BY 2.0
Is participation a magic formula, a challenge or a natural part of our lives? Participation means taking part. If we imagine the worlds of children, adults and youth as different sides of one river, then participation should be a bridge over this river.

Participation can be a common ground, a way to include different ideas and opinions in our lives. Thanks to participation, we can eliminate the risk of conflicts between generations and create a tool to communicate our opinions better. Youth and children parliaments take place in schools, cities and regions and work under different conditions. The situation is also different for school councils or regional youth parliaments. Civic associations and youth centers give young people the chance to take part in different activities. Including young people into projects from their very beginning is an important criterion for their success. The Participation Chart illustrates this really well.