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The vibrating points of the Czech network. How can you find places which are alive?

@ maltman23, HSBxl (Hackerspace Brussels)
@ maltman23, HSBxl (Hackerspace Brussels)
An unknown environment. Crowds of people. New habits and a different social reality. How can you leave the surface and get to where the action and people worth meeting are? Look at the following tips and see which one you like best. Get involved.

Social structures connecting people with similar interest are on the rise in the Czech Republic. You will find most of them on the internet. If you look carefully, you will find events open for general public. Some of them take place every year, such as the spring NGO Market. The NGO Market gives you the chance to meet tens of people actively contributing to the formation of the Czech civic society and talk to them about their work.

The TEDx conferences have a local character with a national overlap and a world legacy.  These one day conferences are all about getting new contacts and sharing experiences. Apart from Prague, they take place in many other Czech cities and towns such as Hradec Králové, Ostrava or Brno. If you think the registration fee for the conference is too high, try to apply as a volunteer with the organizational team. This is the perfect position to make new contacts!


Another platform popular in the Czech Republic, which allows people with shared interests to meet in a less formal setting, is barcamp. Barcamp is an open non-conference which focuses on a chosen current topic. It connects people who feel the need to discuss a given issue together. People coming to barcamp do usually have a lot to say.


Do you prefer pictures and design environment to debates? Then you might enjoy the regular PechaKucha Nights in Prague, Ostrava, Pilsen or Ústí nad Labem. During those evening events you get to meet architects, designers, a number of artists, theorists and engineers.


Are you in search for a place to work or to get inspired? Go to the nearest HUB! Sustainable development, business, a mixture of beginners and the experienced ones; that’s HUB Prague or The Hub Ostrava.


If you want to be at the source of things, in the place of discoveries, where things are made and new organisms, robotic arms and programs are created, you can’t miss the local hackerspace. Among those working really well are brmlab in Prague and base48 in Brno. These places might seem a little insecure at first sight but they turn fascinating, open and English speaking as you get to know them better. Find the closest one and enter a new dimension.


If the roots and sun is what you’re looking for, you should visit community gardens, a newly emerging phenomenon in Czech cities. Observe your neighborhood, search the net. These vegetable oases are growing in Prague too.                           

Published: Mon, 22/04/2013 - 12:05

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