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Where and how to find social and artistic events in Prague?

Dusan Simonovic, 2012 CC BY 2.0
Dusan Simonovic, 2012 CC BY 2.0
Big galleries and museums don’t need to be introduced. It’s the small ones that can be hard to find. Places where you can create something yourself are literally on every corner.


  • Are you looking for some Prague alternatives? You might like the Alternativní kultura (“Alternative Culture”) page, the iconic page on alternative culture JLBJT or cultural events under the open sky. Are you out of money but still want to have some cultural life? Try out the tips on the page of Co je v Praze zadarmo (“What’s free in Prague”).



  • Unexpected connections and art. Where can you find this? Take a trip to the mental hospital in Bohnice where they run a gallery called Prádelna or to the university club K4. One of the small independent galleries in unusual spaces is also Ukradená galerie. And there is a number of other micro galleries in Prague.


  • How can you find your way among the current exhibitions in Prague? ArtMap will give you a helping hand. This information platform is focused on contemporary art and offers a map of current exhibitions which you can easily download. An amateur photographer Martin Fryč offers a less traditional way how to stay informed about the contemporary art scene. He regularly takes pictures of most of Prague’s openings and puts it on his Facebook profile.


  • Are you seeking for more movement and emotions in the city? It might pay off to go to the DISK theatre, a movement studio Alta, or theatres Alfréd ve dvoře and Ponec (you might not even need to understand a word in the three last ones). Or head out to the districts of Vršovice and Letná where you’ll find a lot of bars and cafés which are actually alive.


  • If you think real life is happening on the streets and not behind gallery walls, you might like an alternative Prague guiding service Pragulic, which works thanks to a cooperation of a group of homeless people and university students. Or visit the public art gallery ArtWall.


  • Is this still not enough? Would you like to create something yourself? Try the open and free workshops of the UMakArt project or the Centre for sharing arts and crafts and natural education Savec. Another option to develop your creativity are hobby groups offered by different youth groups and associations in Prague. You will find more opportunities on the following portals: Volný čas v Praze, Kudy z nudy  for the whole Czech Republic or Mít kam jít for Prague.


Published: Thu, 09/05/2013 - 22:40

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