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Martino! 2008 CC BY 2.0
Martino! 2008 CC BY 2.0
Are you going abroad? Some basic information about health care, practical information from the European portal or law centre services might come in handy.


Health care abroad and communication: The law on health services states that every person is entitled to comprehensible communication with doctors and hospital staff. They can also choose the means of this comprehensible communication, such as interpreting. This is mostly used by patients with hearing, speech or sight impairments but also by foreigners. Some hospitals cooperate with language agencies able to provide them with interpreters to most of the big languages 24/7, either in person or by phone.


European Health Insurance Card: European Health Insurance Card is a document issued for free which entitles you to receiving necessary medical treatment in a state medical facility in all EU member states, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. These cards can’t be generated or downloaded from the internet. They are issued free of charge by health insurance companies in individual member states. They do not replace travel insurance. Having presented the card, you will be treated under same conditions and prices (in some countries for free) as citizens of the given country.

You should remember that every country has a different health care system. Treatments provided for free in your home country don’t necessarily have to be free in other countries. European health insurance card does not replace travel insurance. It does not apply to health care provided by private subjects or costs such as return flight ticket or compensation for stolen personal items.

The card also does not apply to situations when people travel abroad in order to obtain health care there.

Download the European Health Insurance Card app for your smartphone.


Legal counselling for migrants and refugees: The goal of the Association on Legal aspects of migration (ASIM) is to look for imperfections in legal documents on migration and try to correct them. The association offers online legal counseling on migration for free.



Labor-law and social counselling for parents: The APERIO association will help you with issues related to parenthood and maternity.


The Charter of Fundamental Rights and Basic Freedoms: You can download the Charter in your smartphone and keep it handy in case you need to check the minimum standards of human dignity.


Help in case of human rights violation: Find the place where they can help you on a map of the Equinet portal. In the Czech Republic, you can refer to the ombudsman.


Law and practical tips for EU citizens: You can find a lot of useful information on the Your Europe portal. If you have a general enquiry regarding the EU, you can refer to the Europe Direct service or call 00 800 67 89 10 11.