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What do we eat, what do we wear, where do we live? And what do we know about it?

oatsy40, 2011 CC BY 2.0
oatsy40, 2011 CC BY 2.0
What are we entitled to know about the materials that surround us? And where can we learn more? The European Union and the Czech Republic both regulate our relationship to consumer goods within consumer law. Sometimes it’s good to know more. Here are a few lines for inspiration…

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  • How much energy and iron is there in a potato pancake? Do you need to add a new component to your diet or would you like to avoid one? The Food Composition Database offers very detailed charts on food composition with regard to nutrients.




  • There are a lot of injuries happening in Czech household. Do we live in a safe household




  • Did you know that customers can keep their phone numbers no matter which provider they have? Telecommunications, energy, gas, water, transport… These services are usually provided by private companies even though the rules for their operation are strictly regulated. Which other directives apply to them?


    • Would you like to have information always ready in your pocket? That’s why the dTest magazine came up with a smartphone app which helps you choose electronic devices, cosmetics, sports equipment, food and other goods.