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Cyber Bulling: Prevention, Security Education and Confrontation

Cyber Bulling aims to violate on purpose via the social media networks. The importance for facing this problem lies upon confrontation tools, prevention and security education. Learn how!


Cyber Bulling is the most usual recent form of cyber crime and during the last years it has been increased significantly. It is therefore important to confront it immediately. Education role in this effort is ‘sine qua non’ (totally important)!



What is Cyber Bulling?

Cyber Bulling is based on violence through electronic forms of contact and mainly via social media networks such as facebook. It is mainly happening on a repeated situation with the use of embarrassing videos, images or even abasing comments. The reasons for bulling may be racism, sexual preferences or even the appearance of the victim.



How to confront this problem?

In each country there are various organizations that help to confront such a problem. In Cyprus, the CyberEthics, the Cyprus Safer Internet Center that is active since 2006, works upon the below tools in order to confront this problem: Awareness Node, Hotline and Helpline.


Through those tools you have the opportunity to discuss and mention any form of cyber bulling problem you may have experienced. After your report, the center will inform you about the steps you should take in order to face the problem appropriately and it will also take some action for you.


Do not hesitate, and do not let this problem harass you. Face it immediately!




How prevention can help?

Prevention may works at a longer term basis but it is essential for facing the problem in depth and efficiently. Through security education, young people and the people work for youth, have the opportunity to be informed and educated appropriately regarding cyber crimes and cyber ethics.


Public’ awareness can be achieved through campaigns, seminars, workshops and generally actions that promote the awareness node for these important issues. This is what Cyber Ethics is doing in Cyprus. Through its action named ‘awareness node’, strives for the development of a safer internet environment. It


is important to be aware of those programs in your country, be educated and informed. If you prevent a problem, you do not have to confront it. 

Publicat: J, 19/09/2013 - 17:19

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