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Study for a safe world via Erasmus+

Erasmus + can help you to make the world safer! Learn how now!


Erasmus+ is a new EU Programme that provides grants in various areas such as: Education, Training, Youth Work and Sports. From the end of January-2014, you will be able to make your application for the programme of your interest and get funded to go abroad to study, work as a volunteer or work with an internship. This can be the beginning for making your dreams come true.   


What are the opportunities offered at a European level if you wish to contribute to a safer world?


If you are a young person interested in making the world safer, you may want to find more about what Erasmus+ offers. For example you can search the following areas related to security and justice for studying either at undergraduate or graduate level:


  • Health and Social Security  
  • Justice and Social Work   
  • Human Rights and Peace


In addition, you can apply through the Erasmus + programme to exercise practice in organizations related to word safety and live a unique experience.

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