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Climate change

green house
Green House
The main environmental problems of Cyprus and how we can help deal with them.


Cyprus is an island that has a rich ecosystem of both forests and marine. The remarkable variety of features in the vegetation, wildlife, geology and beautiful sites and beaches make it an important landmark attraction and interest not only for nature lovers but also for scientists too.

The responsible ministry that monitors and manages the air quality in Cyprus is the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, through the Department of Labour Inspection.


Local air pollution is a growing problem for various cities of Cyprus. Mostly the air pollution in cities is a result of the increasing  traffic and central heating but also due  to the many industrial sites.

Main environmental problems of Cyprus

• Desertification of countryside
• Deforestation of the Woods
• Pesticides
• Extinction of species
• Vehicle trafficking
• Waste management
• Extreme weather conditions
• Mobile phone networks Antennas


One way that everyone can contribute greatly to the protection of the environment is to recycle waste. At the following process, waste is converted into raw materials from which new goods are produced. Part of the recycling process is the conversion of environmentally harmful materials into less or no harmful.

Therefore it is important for all of us to contribute to this effort massively, in order to create a better and greener Cyprus, in collaboration with Green Dot .


Your lifestyle and climate change

What things do you do that add to the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? Find out by calculating your carbon footprint.


What can you do?

Plant a tree – Trees soak up carbon dioxide and so help reduce climate change. The billion tree campaign has planted one billion trees a year since 2006. The campaign is now run by the Plant-for-the-Planet children initiative, set up by schoolboy Felix Finkbeiner. Watch Felix address the UN.

Turn off your lights – At 8.30pm on 23 March you can show your concern about our planet by simply turning off your lights. Hundreds of millions will be doing the same all over the world during Earth Hour. And save energy whenever, wherever and however you can.


Educate the next generation – Teach your younger brothers and sisters about climate change and encourage them to make a difference with these interactive games.