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Young Cyprus Greens

Νεολαία Οικολόγων
Νεολαία Οικολόγων
Meet the Young Cyprus Greens (YGG)

Young Cyprus Greens (YCG) is the youth wing of the Cyprus Green Party. The organization was founded on the 31st May of 1997, during the first Pancyprian Council of the Cyprus Green Party.

The YCG is a full member of the Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG), the youth organisation of the European Green Party (EGP).

YCG is a member of the Counseling Body of the Cyprus Youth Board, full members of the Cyprus Youth Council, the Cyprus Social Forum and the CDN Cooperation and Development Network.

YCG aims to cultivate environmental awareness and application of environmental – friendly practices, such as saving energy, use of alternative sources, reduction, reuse and recycling of waste. Additionally, YCG focuses on:

  1. Keeping people, especially youth, up to date on environmental issues that affects the local and international community, and increase their awareness in order to involve them actively
  2. Promoting green policies and the green ideology in general
  3. Promoting a sustainable way of life
  4. Bringing its members together and giving them the chance to get to know the natural and cultural heritage of Cyprus, in order to appreciate it and help preserve it
  5. Exchanging knowledge and experiences with youth groups across the world, especially from the Mediterranean and Europe
  6. Cooperating with other youth groups in Cyprus on topics such as youth issues, human rights, combating racism, xenophobia and homophobia, unemployment, drugs etc.
  7. Following up on current events and state Organisation’s views on issues of national interest, on foreign affairs, and especially on environmental issues, if we deem such action necessary.

Activities YCG undertake:

  • Organizing and participating in Youth Projects in Cyprus and abroad
  • Training and informing people on youth and environmental topics
  • Participating in international conventions on topics related with the Organisation’s scope
  • Organising ecological summer camps
  • Pancyprian campaigns:
    • Beach Clean-Up campaign “Clean-Up the Med”
    • Campaign on the reduce/ban the use of plastic bags
    • People’s Climate March
    • Tree planting campaign etc.

Address: 63 Pericleous, Office 102, 2021 Strovolos

P.O.Box: 29682, 1722 Nicosia

Tel.: 22518074

Fax: 22512710


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Published: Tue, 03/12/2013 - 15:01

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