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Federation of Environmental Organisations of Cyprus

As a young member of the society you must be environmentally conscious and aware of your country’s environmental affairs! Awareness is the first step!
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The Federation of Environmental Organisation of CY can help you regarding issues of environmental awareness in Cyprus, and also it can bring you in contact with various Cypriot environmental organizations.


The Federation is a network of 20 Non-Governmental organizations in Cyprus that are active in the below areas:


On the one hand it supports and coordinates the actions of its members and on the other hand it has a very important informative role that you can take advantage of. Its main aim is to inform and make Cypriot citizens more sensitive in issues that are related to the environment and sustainable development.


Consequently, many conferences, lectures and exhibitions are organized with its own initiative. It is also promotes to the public the events that are organized by the member-organizations of the Federation. Additionally, it supports and takes part in environmental and cultural programs of the European Union and the Council of Europe.


For this reason you can find through its webpage a event calendar, where you can get informed and participate in various environmental events.



You can contact the Federation via email  and by phone +35722313750 and +35722879240

Published: Thu, 24/10/2013 - 17:22

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