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Cyprus Energy Agency!

Learn how to get informed regarding energy saving issues and local sustainable energy, in order to contribute to the enhancement of life quality in your country. In Cyprus you will manage to do that with the help of the Cyprus Energy Agency!


The Cyprus Energy Agency aims to inform, educate and professionally train you in fields that are related to the environment protection, the energy saving and also the promotion of sustainable energy sources.



The office organizes various events and activities. Such events were implemented during 2012:


  • Conference on “Energy Production and Reuse of Wastewater” 
  • 4th Cyprus Painting Competition
  • Educational documentary entitled "Renewable energy saving and sustainable transport means in Cyprus"
  • Roundtable Discussion on the issue of street lighting in Cyprus



It is also important that the Youth Board of Cyprus is cooperating with the Cyprus Agency Energy office for the accomplishment of some co-activities. For example in 2011 some informational events were organized in the Youth Information Centers of Larnaca and Paphou with the main theme of ‘Green House’.  



For more Information contact:

You can contact the Official Cyprus Energy Agency by phone, email and by visiting their office.



Cyprus Energy Agency

10-12 Lefkonos Street, 

1011 Nicosia, Cyprus

Phone : +357-22667716 , 22667726
Fax     : +357-22667736


Published: Thu, 24/10/2013 - 17:07

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