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Human rights internship at the UN

Promote and protect human rights at the UN Human Rights Committee (UN OHCHR) in Switzerland on a 2-6 month internship.

What will you do?

As an intern with the OHCHR you will be involved in:

  • researching human rights issues
  • drafting analytical papers and reports
  • providing administrative support in meetings
  • field operations and supporting other OHCHR activities.



Are you eligible to apply?

To apply, you must be:

  1. enrolled in a postgraduate (or equivalent level) study programme during the entire internship
  2. able to obtain the necessary visa and travel to the UN in Switzerland.
  3. able to cover the costs of travel, accommodation and living expenses
  4. able, on being selected, to provide proof of valid medical insurance for your stay in Switzerland, and provide a medical certificate stating that you are in good health as well as proving your enrolment in post-graduate (or equivalent) studies.
  5. able to communicate fluently in English and/or French.



How can you apply?

Submit an internship application form along with the necessary additional documentation. You can find more details about the application process and what's required on the OHCHR website.




The OHCHR has 2 intern selection campaigns each year:

  • applications for the May/June selection must be in by 30 April
  • applications for the November/December selection must be in by 31 October

Applications may be accepted outside of the usual selection campaign.

Internships are a minimum of 2 months and may be renewed up to 6 months maximum.

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