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Working with young people in Eastern Europe

Ever wondered what life is like for young people in east European countries beyond the EU's borders? AEGEE Europe’s Eastern partnership project makes it possible to find out and work together for a better future.


Who are AEGEE Europe?

Europe’s largest interdisciplinary youth organisation, connecting 13,000 students with different cultural backgrounds from 40 European countries.



How can you join?

To join in the Eastern partnership project, you need to become a member of AEGEE via your local group. Members of the Eastern Partnership team are selected according to the project’s needs; you don't need to have lots of experience as an AEGEE member. Just keep an eye out for interesting projects andactivities.



Eastern Partnership Action Days

If you want to contribute to the Eastern Partnership Project, but there are no positions available, you can organise an action day yourself. The idea is to bring young people from all over Europe into touch with the reality of life in the Eastern Partnership countries – but you can decide yourself how to organise the day – with debates, round table discussions, presentations, meetings with students from target countries, lectures from the universities and more.




The Eastern Partnership project is supported by the EU’s Youth in Action programme, Action 3.1, which focuses on cooperating with neighbouring countries and opening new horizons to young Europeans.

As part of the Youth in Action programme the Eastern Partnership Youth Window provides even more opportunities for cooperation among young people, youth workers and youth organisations from the European Union and the Eastern Partnership countries by providing additional funds


Published: Wed, 25/09/2013 - 14:10

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