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NEPOMAK - Discover Cyprus Programme

NDCP - A Lifechanger

NEPOMAK is a global organization that aims to connect young Cypriots worldwide through different activities and mainly through NDCP - Discover Cyprus Programme.


NEPOMAK is a World Organisation of Young Overseas Cypriots. Since 2002 strives to fulfill the needs of young Cypriots worldwide including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Austalia, South Africa, Greece, Zimbabwe and Continental Europe. It also seeks to preserve Cypriot history, language and culture in the Diaspora.


Activities of NEPOMAK


In order to respond to the needs of young Cypriots, six activities have been implementing:


  • NEPOMAK Discover Cyprus Programme - addressing the passion for Cyprus


  • NEPOMAK Young Community Leaders Programme - preparing future leaders and providing Cypriots with a recognized qualification from the Open University


  •   NEPOMAK Professionals - bringing together young professionals from all over the world


  •   Online learning tools - free language learning programmes


  •   Coordinated strategy for supporting Cyprus - promoting a just solution to the Cyprus issue


  •  Local events run throughout the year - bringing together young Cypriots across the globe and promoting Cypriot history and culture




‘Discover Cyprus Programme’

This programme has been created due to the intiative of NEPOMAK, the Youth Board of Cyprus and the University of Cyprus. Every Jannuary NEPOMAK accepts applications for summer’s cultural and language programme.


This programme gives the opportunity to young overseas Cypriots worldwide to visit their homeland and take part in various activities such as: cultural events and language and cultural courses.


In this way if you are a young Cypriot leaving abroad, you will have the opportunity to meet Cyprus and its culture; and of course you will have the chance to make a lot of Cypriot friends.


Publicat: J, 24/10/2013 - 16:50

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