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“Run the World” through Youth Entrepreneurship!

What does "entrepreneurship" mean for young people? Can young people "restart" the world and the economy through youth entrepreneurship? What prevents young people today from starting their own businesses?

Interviews conducted by Athanasia Constantinou with the participants of the European training seminar "Run the World" that took place in Nicosia, Cyprus  from the 5th to the 11th of May 2014. Organiser of the training seminar was the Non-Governmental Organisation 'Citizens in Power'.



  1. What does entrepreneurship mean to you?

‘‘Entrepreneurship for me is to be different and visualize the future based in precise movements and organized planning. Putting your passion in action’’ Andreas Georgiou, Cyprus


“Entrepreneurship means taking responsibility for your life.” Nikola, Croatia 


“Εntrepreneurship is the opportunity to use your vision, take part in a growing world, creating profits for yourself and great opportunities for the others”  Mohammed Jan Khateri


“Entrepreneurship means Develop and Create!” Matteo Speranza, Italy


“Make money” Giovvani, Italy


“Entrepreneurship is the way to develop economy which will lead also to social development. Through entrepreneurship people have the chance to express themselves in a non-financial way. Not only they create their own job but they inspire also other people to follow their dreams and succeed in the business world.” Maria Drakou, Cyprus 


“Entrepreneurship means having the skills to turn your ideas into action!” Angelos Parmatzias, Cyprus



  1. Can youth “Run the World” through entrepreneurship?


“Is the world ready to run??” Speranza Matteo, Italy


“Yes if they are really passionate about it!” Elena Michaelidou, Cyprus


“Indeed youth is the future in this planet and will run the world! Through entrepreneurship young people can add value to world’s economy and by using their vision they can change the world! Mohammed Jan Khateri


“Probably, yes! But they have to like what they do!” Yuri, Ukraine


“Of course, they make the future, they will give the world its new ‘shape!’” Raluca, Romania


“Yes, young people can ‘Run the world’ through entrepreneurship if they have strong personal will, ability to share their ideas and the ability to get funded for their projects” Angelos Parmatzias, Cyprus



      3.  In your opinion which is the main obstacle for young people to start their own business?


“Lack of education and training. Nowadays people are not educated how to depend on themselves, follow their dreams and create their own jobs.” Maria Drakou, Cyprus 


“It’s the lack of money.” Stefania, Romania.


“The lack of education and training. Also it’s the low emotional intelligence. Young people can’t handle failure so they don’t even try”. Andreas Georgiou, Cyprus


“It’s about the lack of information regarding this kind of projects and the sponsoring possibilities” Mohammed Jan Khateri



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