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Voting in elections is the most powerful weapon

What do you know about the elections? Are you aware of the electoral system in Cyprus? At what age are you eligible to vote? Participation in elections is important in democratic societies, and it should be utilized in the maximum.

Voting right


All the citizens of the Republic, who are of 18 years of age and older and  are legal residents of Cyprus, have the right to vote in the Presidential elections.

Every citizen of the Republic who has the electoral qualifications required, has to apply for registration in the electoral list within thirty days from the date of acquiring the electoral qualifications for a voting booklet so that would be able to vote in each election.

Voting is obligatory


Voters who fail to vote without having a serious reason, are guilty of an offense and in cases of conviction, they have to pay a fine.


Voting Booklets


Each voter must present their electoral booklet in order to be allowed to vote/


The voting booklet, except for voting allowance purposes, is also the only means of identification of the voter. When voting, the booklet gets  stamped and signed by the officers on duty, at the voting center.


Note that at the polling stations abroad, the voters ID card can be used.