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Take part in the first international Interns day

Organised by the European Youth Forum together with InternsGoPro and other youth-led organisations across the world the first International Interns Day will take place in different countries next 10 November.

In a situation where 59 percent of interns in Europe are unpaid, Interns Day 2015 aims at empowering the interns’ community and achieving concrete political change with events in countries like Switzerland, Belgium, France, Australia or the United States.


In Brussels, Interns Day will include debates with Members of the European Parliament, employers and social partners, workshops with young people and a demonstration.


In order to attend the Brussels event, you can register here.


You can also make your voice heard by filling in the survey on internships conducted by the European Youth Forum.


Find out more: http://www.internsday.org


Pubblicato: lun, 02/11/2015 - 16:11

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