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OTI Chef Cyprus

OTI Chef Κύπρου
OTI Chef Κύπρου
Are you young and interested in the culinary arts? Learn more about our country's heritage and art by joining the OTI Chef Cyprus!!

OTI CHEF was established under OTI for young Chefs. We aim to increase the awareness of the culinary arts and heritage through a variety of activities on a local and international level. Through continuous education and training and sharing of knowledge we wish to increase our competencies as people and as Citizens of Europe and the world. 

In addition to learning we also offer training to those who want to pursue a career in the culinary or hospitality industry and even for those who simply want to learn a few more things about cooking and skills related to cooking.

Another important goal is to assist those suffering from the economic crisis in finding means of employment. This is done through a variety of programs being set up in cooperation with OTI.

We are also participating in a variety of culinary competitions locally and internationally.

Feel free to join our group by filling in a membership application form.


Publicerad: Tis, 10/12/2013 - 14:06

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