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Disabilities are not a barrier!

people in wheelchairs
Disabilities are not barriers!
How can people with disabilities be facilitated with their daily struggle for mobility, education, work and recreation?


The social inclusion of a person with disabilities requires a series of interventions for their support:

  • Evaluation of their condition, their needs and abilities.
  • Reassurance of their independent living and access to society
  • Equipment with the proper education, training and work in accordance to their capabilities.
  • Support for the personal redefinition and development as well las the improvement of the quality of their lives.


Therefore, this is the mission of the Department of Social Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities. That is to undertake, as a central agent, the formulation, co-ordination and implementation of social policies for persons with disabilities, in co-operation with the co-responsible Ministries and Services as well as the Pancyprian Confederation of the Organisations of Persons with Disabilities. 


The vision of the Department is:
The improvement of the quality of life of persons with disabilities through the formulation and implementation of such reforms, that will create new prospects for social inclusion.


How the Department is trying to achieve it:


How can you help?

Be informed about the Pancyprian Confederation of the Organisations of Persons with Disabilities, which is a member of the European disability Forum and help them act!

Published: Thu, 23/05/2013 - 19:00

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