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Know your basic rights!

human rights
human rights
What are your rights? There must always be respect for fellow human beings. You too can help!

Human rights apply to everyone, regardless of nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, sexual orientation, language, or any other criteria.

Some of your most basic rights are the following:

• You have the right to a name, a nationality and the protection of your identity. If you belong to an ethnic, religious or linguistic minority, you should not be deprived of your right to determine your own cultural life, to practice your own religion or to use the language of the community team.


• You have the right to the protection of your privacy. Nobody can interfere illegally in your personal life or your family. Your home, your correspondence, honor and reputation are protected by law.


• Your parents have the responsibility for their child and their development. They have the right and duty to offer guidance on how you should exercise their rights and to respect their obligations.


• You have the right to know which your parents are and be cared by them, unless this does not interest you.


• You have the right to know where your parents are and you can enter another country to find them. Your parents have the same right as you.


• You have freedom to your opinion, if something interests you and you have something to say about it, then the rest should take you into consideration.


• You have freedom of expression; you can express yourself freely and seek, receive and reject information.


• You have freedom of thought, conscience and religion.


• You have freedom to cooperatives, you can come in contact with others and take part in meetings.


Here you can find the UN Convention and more information about rights!



Published: Thu, 23/05/2013 - 09:37

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