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A professionally and culturally enriching internship

Internship in a different speaking region of Switzerland with the programme 'Piaget Premier Emploi'

Thanks to my careers advisor, I gained some great life experience. He encouraged me to take a six-month placement in a different language region, combining work experience with language courses. It was a combination that got me interested and motivated. It all started with a discussion at the ch Foundation. The people there find you a placement with a company that offers work experience in line with your background, which in my case is in sales. They also explained that, in addition to organising placements, the Foundation itself offers internships for young people as part of the Piaget – Premier Emploi programme. I took the bull by the horns and got myself hired by the Foundation.

My main tasks were to provide support to candidates for the Piaget programme from the moment they signed up to the end of their placement and to handle paperwork. I was their contact throughout their placement. I was also tasked with welcoming new candidates to their obligatory information meeting and supplying them with all the information on the placement process. This was hard for me at first because my German was really no better than school level, but my colleagues were very patient and made sure that I always felt at ease. In fact, the Piaget – Premier Emploi programme is all about giving people work experience while allowing them to improve their language skills at the same time.

My internship taught me to foster good relationships with others. I discovered that this is one of my strengths, and I would like to build on that in future. My German got better, and the internship generally spurred me on to seek out further training in business and human resources management. I can absolutely recommend this experience to all young people who want to apply themselves and break down the cultural prejudices that sometimes get in our way and make us apprehensive. When I think how I was at the start of the internship, I realise that this opportunity given to me by the ch Foundation empowered me to develop and mature.



publicēts: O., 17/06/2014 - 14:40

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