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Youth Exchange of Borja in Georgia: SUPERUNFORGETTABLE

I am Borja Chica, a boy with cerebral palsy, and I would like to share with you my experience in a youth exchange, under Youth in Action Program in Georgia.

On the 26th of September, my colleagues and I departed for the trip: Paula, María, Juanje, Fernando and me, from Málaga to Tbilisi, through Istanbul. It was a long trip for my body, but at the same time beautiful and exciting.

When we arrived to Tbilisi, the Georgian team was waiting for us. They received us with the sound of Georgian music. We headed to Kobuleti, which is the town where we shared this exchange with participants from other countries. My biggest thanks to all the groups that made me feel that frontiers disappear with people like that.




We participated in various workshops, for anyone of which I keep so good memories, I will never forget what I have learned. The people I have meet in this project, each of them amazing, the best is that we still keep in contact every day, how technology helps!!!
I had a bath in Black Sea, how exciting, a think that was unthinkable for me a few months ago.




I also liked the botanic garden that we visited, oh, and the vodka, it really burns down to the stomach, it has been so fun! It has been an impressive experience for mi through which I have learned, among other things, how I missed my family, home food, and the fights with my sister, but I also had my group that did know how to bear me. Many many thanks. Five malagueños in Georgia, what a great title for a book.


I have nothing to say than a big thanks to my great accompanying team, my association ADIMI and the Youth Department of the Town Hall of Mijas.

Oh, and to you, Pedro, this time I could not forget about you, and, of course, to the girls that I have met, ha ha ha ha.

Thanks to everybody for making me fell the happiest and the luckiest person in the world.







Borja alone.jpg

Written by Borja Chica
Translated by Eri Dimopoulou, EVS


Published: Thu, 12/06/2014 - 16:42

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