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Get some fresh air and extend your language skills in Switzerland!

Each year, over one thousand youths explore life on a farm with Agriviva. They put hands on, learn a lot about plants and livestock farming and improve their language skills.

Agriviva is a state-approved nonprofit organisation from Switzerland and offers for almost 75 years the opportunity for young people to explore the diverse world of a farm for the duration of 2 to 8 weeks..

Youths from Switzerland and the EU- and EFTA states are able to participate with the age between 16 and 24 years. Prior knowledge concerning farming ist not requested, but sufficient German, French or Italian skills are necessary (depending on whether the service is done in the German, French or Italian part of Switzerland).

There are a lot of advantages and chances young people can take in a service on a farm in Switzerland:

  • they are able to apply their language knowledge and improve it within the intercultural exchange
  • they get to know another country with other traditions, people and forms of life
  • they learn a lot about the production of food, livestock farming and how to take care of pets
  • they get to know the careful handling with natural resources (soil, plants, fruits)
  • they are being integrated in the family life of the farming host family
  • they get some exercise in fresh air
  • they get healthy alimentation
  • they gain some valuable experiences for their life and further career (document of service confirmation included)
  • they learn to assume responsibility
  • they learn that being part of a team, the service is worth an activity
  • free board and lodging
  • pocket money (dependent on the age between 12 and 20 CHF a day)
  • marginal costs, only for the commission fee (40 Euro per service) and the transportation to and from the farm

Registration is really easy and free of charge at:

Here you find some impressions on Agriviva services:

Published: Thu, 07/06/2018 - 11:39

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