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Consumer rights – do you know yours?

EU consumer policy explained in 3 minutes

EU law gives all Europeans certain consumer rights. To make sure your rights are properly respected, you need to know what they are.

EU consumers’ rights cover contracts, food, health, online rights and other areas. Next time you buy a faulty product from another EU country or your flight is delayed or cancelled, you can find out just what rights you have in these and other cases from these two websites:



Help & advice

Michel, who lives in France, ordered a digital camera from a German website. He paid €300 in advance for the camera and was then informed that the German trader had sent the camera through the post. However, the camera never arrived. Michel tried to contact the trader several times but, when he got no response, he turned for help to the European Consumer Centre (ECC) in France. The French ECC liaised with the German online consumer body, which was able to go straight to the trader. As the trader had no proof of postage, he was obliged to provide Michel with a new camera.


If you have similar problems the EU-wide network of European Consumer Centres (ECC-Net) offers you free consumer help and advice. You can get help online or in your country, as there is a European Consumer Centre in every EU country (and in Norway and Iceland).


Learn more

If you are interested in learning even more about your rights, Dolceta offers you online modules focusing on consumer rights, services, product safety, sustainable consumption and financial services.

Europa Diary gives you information about the EU institutions and issues, such as health and consumer protection, studying abroad, the environment, etc.



Comparis makes it simpler to compare products and services and change to a supplier that suits your needs. Has information on bank accounts, health insurance, holiday firms, mobile phone companies and energy suppliers.


The foundation helps you in every kind of problem related to consumerism.


The consumers’ forum is an independent liberal Swiss consumer organization and is seen as competence centre for consumerism issues. They inform and counsel everyone with questions and doubts in this field.


Price level of Switzerland in international comparison, residential rents, and more consumer relevant information.


The Swiss trade union youth group website, comprising the trade union juniors and the Swiss Federation of Trade Unions’ Youth Commission promotes the economic, social and cultural requirements of young workers in particular. In consultation with the relevant associations, it is concerned with working conditions for young people, youth protection, youth protection legislation, youth policy, school education and basic and advanced vocational training. The Youth Commission also represents the interests of the trade union youth group in national and international youth work organizations.


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