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Cheaper ways to fly

Planes are no longer such an expensive option as they used to be: take a look at the most common websites for booking cheaper flights throughout Europe.

When you have to travel long distances and you don't have much time to get there, an airplane is probably an ideal option, so choose the more convenient option for you and just reach your favourite destination within a couple of hours!


Skyscanner: compare millions of flights to find the cheapest deal. You can browse for flights according to price and location.
Rumbo: on this online travel agency you can search the best deal on flights, hotels, holidays, cheap flights, low cost and last minute.
Momondo: this website lets you compare the rates from over 700 travel sites.
LowCostAirlines: this site gives you a list of low-cost airlines in Europe and beyond. Travel facts, including some city guides and links to other low-cost airline search engines.
Cheapflights: select your country of origin and find out which airlines can offer you a cheap flight.

Don't forget that while travelling in Europe you are covered by your rights as a passenger. You can even download an app for your smartphone to get all the information.


Published: Mon, 05/05/2014 - 14:43

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