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Campaign combating human trafficking

Трафикът на хора остава един от сериозните проблеми, свързан с човешките права
Be aware when going away on a job programme or to work abroad

The National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings (NCCTHB) underwent a “Zero-tolerance to human trafficking” campaign, with an aim to increase the citizens awareness in issues related to human trafficking with purpose of labour exploitation, as well as making employers engaged in its prevention.


Many people look for a seasonal or a full-time job abroad looking to continue their education abroad, and they usually become the subject to fraud. Frequently the initial agreements and arrangements end up being substantially different from the actual living and working conditions. Moreover people end up living and working in unbearable conditions and receive minimal or no pay what so ever. Quite often the passports and ID documents get revoked by the employer, and the victims are obliged to pay for having a flat, food or just being employed. Usually these terms are not arranged in a preliminary contract, if there is one, which is usually formulated in a foreign to the employee language which straps it from having any legal power.  In practice this means the employees are exploited and in fact if you or anyone around you is in this situation, than you are a victim to human trafficking.


Therefore, before departure:

  • Research the agency, firm, university or employer that will host you. A list of the licensed intermediaries is available on the website of the National Employment Agency.
  • Don’t trust suspicious advertisements which include unreasonably high pay for an low qualification job, especially ones abroad, printed domestically and posted on the street, having just a mobile number as a contact. 
  • Entering employment is always preceded by signing a contract, usually in Bulgarian, including a copy in the language of the host country.
  • Do not give your ID documents to anyone under any circumstance.
  • Get advice from the National commission (NCCTHB), The National Employment agency and any employment bureau regarding secure work and travel abroad.
  • Acquire the address and telephone of the Bulgarian diplomatic representative in the host country. If you are in trouble or under threat, than contact them immediately or contact the local police. You are most probable a victim to a serious crime and you are likely to receive help.


Important contact details:


European emergency number – 112 – dial it absolutely free of charge from anywhere in the EU

NCCTHB hotline:  +3592 8078050 – work days from 09:00 a.m. to 05:30 p.m.

International migration organisation: hotline - +3592 9394777


Violence victims:

“Animus” foundation:  +3592 9817686

“Nadia centre” foundation:  hotline for missing children – 116 000

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