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This time it's different. The European Parliament now has more power, both to set the political direction of Europe and over the day-to-day decisions which affect us all.

The European Parliament now decides on the European laws that affect you, across the board. On how your money is spent from the EU (European Union) budget, across the board. We must agree to the financing of the EU for years to come, looking at the collective interest of Europeans. And after the next elections it is your parliament who will elect the head of Europe’s executive, based on your wishes, as expressed in these elections.

On Spetember 10th  The European Parliament launched its information campaign to raise awareness of the forthcoming European elections in May 2014. The information campaign will consist of four phases and will continue to the election of the new Parliament as well as to the election of new President of the European Commission.


Act. React. Impact.



Published: Tue, 24/09/2013 - 11:48

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