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Alberto Bustos and his EVS - mangostock - mangostock
Alberto Bustos from Spain shares his EVS experience in an interview.

How did you find out about EVS? Why did you decide to apply and become a volunteer?

I knew about this opportunity from a friend of mine, who talked a lot about his experience. I decided to become volunteer because the EVS project I was related with my studies. I also wanted to live abroad.


What were the project activities and your everyday tasks? What do you do now?

The main task was promoting EVS to young people. I also worked in a school, making workshops. The project activities also included preparation and participation in a festival in Varna and other events in the city.


How and why did you choose Bulgaria? What was your first impression of our country?

I chose Bulgaria because I wanted to live in the Balkans and to experience living in a very different country from mine.

My first impressions were good. In Bulgaria, the way of working, the working hours, the living conditions are very different. The food, also.


Did you like the city itself? Tell us something typical of the town or something that impressed/shocked you? Is there something that you particularly like or dislike?

I love Varna. I was really impressed of the summer, the sea garden and the days I spent in Varna.


Have you encountered any difficulties during your stay in Bulgaria? If yes, tell us...

No, everything was ok. I used to travel around Bulgaria by hitchhiking and I was really amazed by the hospitality of the people and their generosity.


How did you spend your free time? Were there any interesting opportunities for leisure activities?

My free time was basically travelling. I had the opportunity to travel all around Bulgaria and many other countries. I travelled by hitchhiking and got to know more about the country, the people. I don’t like to travel like ordinary tourist. I prefer to meet the locals and know how they live.


Do you think this experience would be useful for your future personal or career development?

Absolutely, this experience changed my mind. I learnt a lot of different ways to see the things and act in different situations.


What is the most useful thing you learned from your stay? What is the most important lesson EVS experience has taught you?

I learned to respect different cultures, people and different mindset.


Would you come back in Bulgaria after the end of your project?


Definitely yes, I plan to come again with some other friends that I met here.


What do you think about Bulgarian language? What was the first thing you have learned in Bulgarian?

I think it is difficult but not as difficult as I expected. I can communicate on many different topics. Hitchhiking around the country also helped me to learn the language better and faster.

The first phrase I’ve learnt is “I am volunteer, I don’t have money”.


Favourite / most disliked food from the Bulgarian cuisine

The favourite is “ kebapche” (a sort of grilled oblong rissole) with French fries.

I don’t like meals with cucumber.


Tell us about something that you found in Bulgaria that you don’t have in your country (habit, custom, practice, behaviour)

Here people are quieter than in Spain, I think they have too much working hours. In Bulgaria  there are still small shops and small businesses. In Spain there are more big companies and malls. Here things are more personal, I loved this and I miss it. A surprise for me was that in Bulgaria there is also a soup called “chorba”.




Published: Tue, 07/01/2014 - 14:55

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