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Young inventors, this is for you!

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Подкрепата на изобретенията на млади българи е сред основните цели на Фондация "Еврика"
Find out how to support your inventions

The EUREKA foundation  aims to help gifted children and young people realizing projects in the fields of science, technology and management; supports young innovators and entrepreneurs; distributes scientific, technological and management knowledge; improves the facilities for scientific and technological work; helps the education and specialization, international partnership in the fields of science and technology, etc. The foundation endorsed a few programmes to support the youngsters.


“Talents” Programme

The programme is dedicated to identification and development of the talented youth in the sphere of science, technology and management. It serves to support the education, participation in science- related events and specialised trainings for the talented youth in order to promote lifelong learning . This programme aims to relate the activities of the foundation with the concept and the development of the knowledge economy.  


“Scientific research” Programme

The purpose of the programme is to stimulate the scientific research of young scientists in the applicable and fundamental spheres of science.  It also provides the opportunity to manifest and develop scientific knowledge, stimulates the regeneration of the scientific potential, by attracting more young people, with the aim to collaborate with already established scientists. The programme offers grants for prospective projects of scientific research, presented by individuals  up to the age of 35, whom are not part of any PhD programme or in a employment contract with any institution of higher education. The financing is granted mutually with the “Scientific Research” National Council through the annual competition – “Young Bulgarian scientists – II”. The programme also supports the development of science amongst state sponsored institutions of higher education


“Information, publications, events and international cooperation” Programme

This programme aims to assure the activities of the foundation related to informational assurance and distribution of scientific and technological knowledge  amongst young people and children= It supports the organization for scientific events, technology and management  competitions, symposiums, seminars, round tables, trainings and science fairs and expositions. It gives support to  international cooperation of young scientists and their organisations.


“Development” Programme

The aim of the programme is to assure the development of partnerships through mutual activities on a project and program basis with international, foreign and local organisations and institutions, related to the scope of the foundation.

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