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Act against discrimination

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What is discrimination and how to fight with it in Bulgaria ...

Discrimination means unequal treatment in various forms leading to differentiation or  division, or setting in a privileged position of a person, group of people or entire communities. 

This term defines an unjust, unequal treatment of people  according to their sex, race, nationality, ethnic belonging, human genome, citizenship, origin,  religion or belief, education, convictions, political belonging, personal or social position, disability, age, sexual orientation, marital status, property status and many other criteria.
The Protection against Discrimination Commission shall be an independent specialised state body for the prevention and  protection against discrimination, and for the safeguarding of equal opportunities. The Commission shall oversee the implementation and compliance with the Protection against Discrimination Act, as well as other laws governing equal treatment. The Commission is a legal entity funded by the state budget and based in Sofia, but has its regional representatives in all over the country. 
The Commission may be approached in several ways for cases of discrimination:  based on a complaint, signal or upon its initiative. Where there is self-approach by the  Commission, a written report shall be drafted by a member or members of the Commission  addressed to the Commission’s Chair.  In order to bring about proceedings before the Commission, the complaint or signal must meet the requirements specified in the Protection from Discrimination Act. It sould contain:
1. the name or designation of the person submitting the complaint; 
2. the address or the head-office and the address of management of the person submitting the complaint; 
3. statement of the reasons, on which the complaint or signal is grounded; 
4. statement of what is demanded from the Commission; 
5. date and signature of the person submitting the complaint or of his/her representative.

For the submission of a complaint you do not need to pay any fee. The Commission should implement the investigation shall be carried out in 30-days period. A person who commit discrimination, within the meaning of this Law, shall be punished with a fine of 250 to 2 000 BGN, unless he/she is liable to more severe punishment.