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Consumer protection services in Bulgaria

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Be informed about your rights as a consumer
Who can help you to protect your rights of consumer in Bulgaria


Commission for consumer protection  is a specialized governmental institution which enforces the consumer protection legislation in Bulgaria and exerts administrative control upon the entire home market. The main purpose of this control is to ensure an environment where the consumers would feel safe and secure. CCP has competences in 11 laws – The Consumer protection law and 10 economic sector laws.

The consumer rights regulations include the obligations of traders, the facts of the administrative infringements and their statutory sanctions.

The main activities of the Commission for consumer protection are the supervision of the dangerous products’ market, the control of the misleading unfair commercial practices, the removal of the unequal provisions in the consumer contracts’ general conditions and the distance selling regulations. CCP gives assistance about disputes between consumers and traders in relation to guarantee periods, the right of claims of products and services etc.

CCP is also a coordinator and a contact point of three main information systems about exchange of information on EU’s territory in relation to the security of the products.

For an effective resolution of your case, we recommend first to address the trader/supplier of the product and/or the service.

CCP handles your signals, suggestions and complaints. The experts do inspections, prepare recommendations, assist in settling disputes between business and consumers and impose sanctions when an infringement is established.

The court is the only institution that has the authorities to terminate contracts between the trader and the consumer of the services, when the contract is validly concluded to make a decision about charging back set amounts and penalties about pre-term cancelling of contracts.


Signals, suggestions and complaints against public utilities such as central heating, electricity and water providers are in the authorities of the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission.


The European Consumer Centre in Bulgaria offers free consumer advice that could help you avoid trouble when shopping in the EU.


Published: Tue, 14/05/2013 - 11:30

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