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Structured Dialogue - your voice can be heard

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Structured Dialogue is a discussion between young people and policy makers about certain themes, to make sure the opinion of young people is taken into account in defining the EU’s youth policies.

National Working Groups conduct consultations in their country with young people, youth organisations and policy makers. Structured Dialogue aims to address all young people, including those with fewer opportunities or not formally organised.


What is the result?

The results of all national consultations are compiled into background documents for the EU Youth Conferences where youth representatives and policy makers have the opportunity to work together and present a joint message to the EU. The EU Youth Conferences take place twice a year and are hosted by the country that holds the EU Presidency.

The ideal result is that the Presidency country will promote the recommendations of the EU Youth Conference and present them to the Council of the European Union. The Council might then adopt a Resolution or Conclusions.


What happened so far?

The second cycle of the Structured Dialogue was concluded in November 2012. This cycle was built around the theme of youth participation in democratic life and divided into 3 sub-themes linked to the national priorities of the EU Presidency countries: Youth and the World (Poland); Creativity and Innovation (Denmark); and Social Inclusion (Cyprus).


Where to start

You can take part in the Structured Dialogue process in any of the 27 EU countries. In Belgium you can contact one of the Youth Councils.

Published: Wed, 15/05/2013 - 17:03

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