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Volunteering in Sicily- memories and impressions

My name is Maria Borissova, 24. I am going to tell you about my volunteering experience in Sicily, Italiy.

                 Three years ago, I participated in a SCI exchange program in Sicily. Back then, my best friend suggested that we go together and I decided to devote half a month of my summer vacation to do something useful in an unknown country.

                There were four groups of different nationalities (Italian, Spanish, French and Bulgarian) who participated in the exchange.  Our main task was to renovate a ground which was at the seaside  so it could become a public park. We worked at least five hours a day, while trying to avoid the Sicilian heat. It was hard, but it was totally worth it, because at the end, there was a visible result.

                What surprised me mostly was the way work unites people, even though the only language they knew was their native one. This exchange  was a great opportunity for me to practice the languages that I have learnt, to see how I am going to manage in a foreign territory and of course... to have fun! Moreover, one can learn a lot of things about himself, while working in a team.

                Mysterious journeys, adventures and multicultural meetings- for me, that's what this exchange program was about.

                If you want to leave behind a small, but noticeable trace, participate!

Published: Wed, 16/10/2013 - 14:15

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