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SeaMedia: video crossing the border is the video-on-demand platform of Sea Media, a European cooperation of different parties in the 2 Seas area


Music club De Kreun (Kortrijk), University-College West-Flanders (Kortrijk) and the regional television broadcaster Focus TV (Roeselare) are the three driving forces in Belgium. From the North of France, music club Le Grand Mix also supports the project and in Norwich, UK as well as Epic Studios and the University of East Anglia are contributing. evolves around three main pillars: ‘Music & Entertainment’, ‘Student Life & Work’ en ‘Issues & Impact’. Under these three tabs, videos are posted on almost daily bases, which show the creativity and audio-visual talent of students to an international audience. This way, a new online community is created that will focus on joined culture, over all national and language borders.


The cooperative initiative wants to stimulate youngsters and media students in the 2 seas area to produce and create own video stories and share them with colleagues from other regions of the world. The provided content mainly focuses on recorded concerts, short films, documentaries and other human-interest stories. Under supervision and with guidance of professionals within the field of journalism, Sea Media makes it possible for young people to make videos about things they feel closely related to, and like this, a whole new world of discovery is created. Watch everything on!

Published: Thu, 16/05/2013 - 14:17

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