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Students looking to study abroad have often suffered the same fate of being utterly at odds in a new environment, knowing only enough of the local language to get by, but more often than not, not enough to know if they are being taken for a ride down swindle lane.

The usual hurdles to overcome seem to be the local landlord red tape, asking for a million different documents that don’t even exist in your home country, nor seem to have any relevance in the slightest. And that’s where Eurasmus have innovated! They are changing the way student housing abroad takes place, believing that it should be easier for students to find housing, that staying in a hostel or a low budget hotel for weeks on end shouldn’t be the status quo. Eurasmus is unrivalled in offering the only European wide accommodation portal designed for exchange students.
On top of this, there is a smattering of useful information for each city in Europe as well as internship offers across Europe for those looking to complete a placement year abroad or just simply looking for a summer internship.
 “The gap in market and the clear need for such a service means that reaching 50,000 users within the first year is a completely realistic goal.”  


(Misko Macolic Tomicic)


For more information, contact Eurasmus at:


El Cubo - Andalucía Open Future

Camino de los Descubrimientos 17,

41092, Sevilla (Sevilla) – SPAIN          

Published Tue, 10/03/2015 - 15:29

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