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The Austrian education system

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How does schooling and education in Austria work? Which kinds of schools are there? And which ones for which ages?

Austria has a diverse education system with quite a lot of different school types. Austrian children start with kindergarten at the age of three and continue with primary school at the age of six.


After four years of primary schooling they have to decide whether to continue with a lower secondary school or with a secondary academic school (mostly grammar school). Recently there’s a discussion about having a continued common education till the age of 15 (comprehensive schooling). Therefore so called "new secondary schools" were introduced in 2012 as an inclusive model for all 10- to 14-year-olds.


Compulsory education ends after 9 years of schooling, usually with the age of 15.


At the secondary upper level there’s a broad choice of different secondary academic, technical and vocational schools. Precondition to attending college or university afterwards is a positive result on the A-levels examination (the “Matura”).


The website offers you a good graphical overview on the different levels and types of schooling in Austria. You can also order a free poster or brochure of the chart of the education system in German, English, Turkish, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian and Russian.

Published: Mon, 13/05/2013 - 17:01

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