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Vienna on a Budget in Summer

Three boys in Vienna Metro
City trips do not have to be expensive - here you find 10 Tips for VIENNA ON A BUDGET IN SUMMER

1. Public transport and city bikes

Public transport in Vienna is quite cheap, especially if you get a 24 hour, 48 hour or 72 hour pass. Nevertheless, the Vienna Citybikes only costs 1 Euro registration fee and all rides under one hour are for free. For the registration you need a credit or Maestro card, or mget the Citybike-touristcard, which is a bit more pricy.

2. Accomodation

The cheapest accommodation options in Vienna are either to book a hostel or a room in advance. Of course, private housing is also an option. Be sure to contact the people who agree to house you in advance and talk about the specifics of your stay. If you like sleeping in a tent you can check out the camping sites surrounding the city.

3. Outdoor sports: swimming, hiking and biking

In summer, Vienna often seems deserted, that's because everyone is enjoying a free swim in Vienna’s largest river, the Danube. The Danube Island is a true recreational paradise within the boarders of the city. If you prefer hiking on the hills surrounding Vienna, you can check out one Vienna’s hiking paths. Or did you ever wonder what happens when more than thousand Viennese get on their bikes and meet up? The critical mass has the answer.

4. Music and Opera: film festival and standing observation

If you enjoy opera but doubt to afford it, you can get a standing room ticket for the Vienna Staatsoper. Another option is to enjoy the opera live and outdoors via a live screening - free of charge. The Film Festival on the Vienna Rathausplatz, from July to the beginning of September, focuses on music. In addition to the film screenings, live music performances are included; all free of charge.

5. Volxkino: open air cinema

VOLXkino is a German world play on "cinema of the people" - the open air cinema event, which is free of charge, includes English movies in its program.

7. Music: concerts and festivals

If your budget is limited you can always go to smaller concerts in bars and clubs, but in summer Vienna also is famous for its great city music festivals that are open to everyone and free of charge:

Donaukanaltreiben is a music and leisure festival next to the Danube canal. It normally takes place in the beginning of June.

Donauinselfest is, with over 3 million visitors in 3 days, the biggest open-air music festival of the world. It takes normally takes place in the end of July and includes various national and international artists.

Popfest takes place in the city centre of Vienna, in July and is powered by FM4, an alternative radio station.

8. Shopping: second hand styles

Second hand shopping is BIG in Vienna; this often cheap, sustainable and fashionable option is especially celebrated in the 7th district where you can find a lot of vintage shops. Especially the Humana shop on Lerchenfelderstraße is loved by everyone who likes vintage for a fair price.

9. Streetfood: Austria and beyond

Austrian street food can be described with one word: Würstel. The sausage "Würstel" vendors prepare the perfectly cheap dinner option and also are designed as meeting points within the city. Next to this traditional option, imported fast food, such as kebab, falafel, burrito and noodles are available throughout the city. For more Asian street food you can visit the Naschmarkt area.

10. City tours

The "Vienna Greeters" offer free city tours through Vienna with enthusiastic Viennese volunteers. The two-hour walks focus on Vienna beyond the guidebooks and off the beaten tracks.If you prefer exploring the city by your own you can download a free audio guide to the most important sights.


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Published: Mon, 04/06/2018 - 13:57

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