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Updated : 01/03/2017

Car registration and taxes – Italy

Registration rules

As an EU national moving to Italy, you must register your car if you are the holder of the registration certificate/owner of the vehicle.

Time allowed for re-registering a vehicle

If you change your country of residence to Italy, you have 12 months to re-register a vehicle previously registered in another EU country – calculated from the time you moved to Italy.

You can re-register a vehicle previously registered in another EU country via a service called "STA - Sportelli Telematici dell'Automobilista" - find out moreitaliano.

Temporary registration plates

If you buy a car abroad, transit registration plates issued in another EU country will be recognised in Italy for the purposes of driving your car back to your place of residence.

You can get the transit plates at an agency of the Ministry of Transport, the "Ufficio della Motorizzazione Civile".

Exemptions from the obligation to register a vehicle

As an EU national moving to Italy, you can use your vehicle here while it is still registered in your previous home country for 1 year maximum.

If you have moved to Italy, you cannot drive your vehicle for more than 1 year without re-registering it in Italy.


If you are a student in Italy from another EU country you:

  • do not have to register your own car with the authorities here for your period of study,
  • do not have to pay registration and/or road taxes on it in Italy,
  • do not have to buy additional car insurance for your period of study here.

Car tax

As an EU national, if you want to register and use your car in Italy, you must pay the following taxes:

  • registration taxes (Imposta provinciale di Trascrizione)
  • road tax (Bollo auto)

All categories of vehicles are subject to registration taxes.

Your vehicle can be exempted from road tax if you have a disability. The vehicle must be less than 2000cc if running on petrol, less than 2800cc if on diesel.

Additional taxes may be levied, for instance, on luxury cars.

If you do not register your vehicle in Italy, it is not subject to any of these taxes.

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