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Updated : 01/03/2017

Car registration documents and formalities – Malta

Roadworthiness tests

M1 vehicles licensed for hire or leasing and M1 vehicles for private use must undergo roadwortiness test 4 years from date of first registration and biennially thereafter.

If you have a car which is supplied with more than 160,000km in Malta, you must have it tested annually for roadworthiness.

A roadworthiness test does not have to be conducted each time a vehicle changes owner.

If you register your car as a new resident in Malta, moving from another EU country, you don't have to take the roadworthiness test if you produce a valid EU VRT certificate approved by the Authority's Technical Unit.

Contact body for roadworthiness tests: the Authority for Transport in Malta.

To ensure your vehicle and its equipment function correctly and comply with safety standards, it must undergo the regular roadworthiness tests, which generally comprise the following checks:

  • efficiency of windscreen wipers and if any of the windows or mirrors are broken,
  • lights – indicators, hazard lights, brake, reverse, licence plate and fog lights,
  • headlights – position of dipped-beam and main-beam,
  • tyres – tread depth ≥ 1.6 mm,
  • rear-view mirrors – reflecting surface, fixation and adjustment,
  • correct functioning of safety belts.


Procedure for:

- initial registration

You can register your vehicle at the Authority for Transport in Malta, Land Transport Directorate, Hornworks Ditch, Floriana, FRN1230.

To register an imported vehicle (new or used), you must submit the following documents:

  1. new vehicle:
  • new vehicles must comply with Directive 2007/46/EC, and Regulation EC No 692/2008,
    (ie: only vehicles with an engine complying with emission level standards of EURO 5b, 6b or higher may be registered),
  • original Certificate of Conformity,
  • invoice,
  • freight note and Marine Insurance (if applicable),
  • valid insurance policy,
  • copy of ID card of purchaser (front only),
  • Customs Inspection Form VEH 04 for vehicles coming from Non-EU countries,
  • board resolution if the vehicle will be licensed on behalf of an Organisation.
  1. used vehicle:
  • Valuation printout signed by Technical Unit.
    Individuals: The Registration Value (RV) on the Valuation printout is valid within the month being issued and until the end of the following month.

Licensed Motor Car dealers and Importers: Dealers and Importers have the facility to establish a fixed Registration Value for their vehicles (for registration tax calculation purposes) at registration stage, and the payment of the registration tax will be deferred until the vehicle is actually licensed.

  • Original Foreign Registration Certificate (logbook) signed by the seller and the new buyer. (In the absence of any signatures by the buyer or the seller on the Foreign Registration Certificate (log book), the buyer must provide to the Authority either a private contract of sale between both parties or the form VEH 50. These must always be witnessed.
  • Vehicles brought into Malta (from UK, Wales, Scotland and Ireland) are required to submit either:

i) an Odometer Certificate of Authenticity issued by an agency approved by the Authority* showing the vehicle's authentic odometer reading.


ii) Present an original valid roadworthiness certificate (VRT) issued in another Member State and showing the latest odometer reading by any approved entity as shown below:

VOSA UK (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) or ANY Vehicle Road Worthiness Testing/Inspection Station (VRT) issuing Odometer Certificates within the European Union;

  • Notice of Arrival – this must be original and rubber stamped by the shipper and in the name of the person on whom the vehicle will be registered. If a person imported the vehicle in another person's name he/she must present a declaration at the Land Transport Directorate confirming that the vehicle was brought into Malta for the sole use of the other person. The declaration has to be signed by both parties
  • Foreign Plates
  • Valid insurance policy certificate, starting from date of registration (however owner must have the vehicle insured whilst in use for VRT and Inspection)
  • VRT passed certificate (NOTE: The VRT certificate is not required if the vehicle is less than 4 years old from date of registration)
  • Board resolution by company secretary if the vehicle will be licensed on behalf of a company

- renewal

To renew the registration of your car, you can do it through your insurance agency or vehicle licences online service.


* Approved agencies:


Building 46, Dunsfold Park, Cranleigh,

Surrey, GU6 8TB, United Kingdom.

Tel: UK +(44)-01483-276900

Tel: Malta + (356)-35505155

Fax: +(44)-01483-331701/273250


  1. CAR-PASS, Belgium

CAR-PASS v.z.w.

Woluwedal 46/2

1200 Brussels

Tel: 0032 27735056


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