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Updated : 04/08/2017

Car insurance cover abroad – Sweden

If you have an accident, there is an obligation to contact the police authority in case you collide with a wild animal or if there is a severe injury to a person, preferably by calling the emergency number 112.

The procedure for claiming compensation from the other driver's insurance company

The car is supposed to be equipped with a so called damage report form/the official accident declaration form. Both drivers need to complete and sign the form for furhter submission to the insurance companies involved.

You must use the official accident declaration form. If you do not have an accident declaration form, you must note down in detail what has happened while still at the scene of the accident, for instance social security numbers of the involved parties, car registration numbers and details of the insurance companies. As much information as possible.

The minimum insurance coverage in Sweden is:

The Road Traffic Injuries Commission works to ensure that if a person is injured in a traffic accident, he/she will receive reasonable and uniform compensation for their injury.

  • for personal injury: maximum SEK 300 million
  • for damage to property: maximum SEK 300 million

In excess of this limit, legal expenses and interest can also be paid.

The limit applies to motor 3rd party liability compensation per vehicle and accident.

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