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Updated : 01/03/2017

Car insurance cover abroad – Netherlands

If you have an accident, you are required by law to call the police to the scene of the accident, in case of serious damage to vehicles or persons.

The procedure for claiming compensation from the other driver's insurance company involves:

  • filling out the European accident form.
  • sending it to your insurer.

You must use the official accident declaration form.

If you do not have an accident declaration form, you must note down all facts that normally would be on the form which can be seen via the link provided above.

The minimum insurance coverage in the Netherlands is:

  • for personal injury:
    • per victim: around EUR 1 000 000.
    • per claim: around EUR 5 000 000.
  • for damage to property:
    • per claim: around EUR 5 000 000.
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