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Car insurance cover abroad – Malta

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If you have an accident during your stay in Malta, the liability for such accident will be determined according to Maltese Law; you are required by law to call the police to the scene of the accident, in the following circumstances:

  • physical Injury sustained by the accidented parties;
  • material damage to public property.

The procedure for claiming compensation from the other driver's insurance company involves:

  • the submission of a claim (with complete details – see below) to the Authorised Claims Representative in your country of the Maltese Insurer covering the other accidented vehicle;
  • the identity and contact details of the said Claims Representative can be sourced from the national Information Centre in your country;
  • if no such Claims Representative exists, then your claim for compensation can be submitted to the national Compensation Body in your country which will then liaise with the equivalent Body in Malta.

You must use the official Accident Declaration Form; this should be signed at the scene of the accident (together with the other accidented driver) only if you fully agree with its contents.
The said Accident Declaration Form is supplied to you by your own Insurer before you leave your country.

If you do not have an Accident Declaration Form, you must note down the following facts while still at the scene of the accident:

  • date and place and time of the accident;
  • condition of the road surface (wet / dry);
  • details of any injuries as well as of any material damage;
  • identity and contact details of the driver of the other accidented vehicle;
  • identity and contact details of any witness(es) to the accident;
  • identity and contact details of the other accidented vehicle's Insurance Company;
  • details of the other accidented vehicle – make / model, registration plate, country of registration etc …);
  • identity and contact details of the Authority which attended the scene of the accident (Police or Traffic Wardens).

It would be practical and of great assistance if some of the abovementioned are supported by photos taken at the scene of the accident (for example, by using your mobile phone).

The minimum insurance coverage in Malta is:
for personal injury:

  • per claim: EUR 5 600 000 (regardless of the number of injured persons).

for damage to property:

  • per claim: EUR 1 120 000 (regardless of the number of claimants).

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