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Car insurance cover abroad – Lithuania

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If you have an accident, you are required by law to call the police to the scene of the accident, in the following circumstances:

  • If the accident resulted in personal injury or fatality;
  • If the participants do not agree on the circumstances of the accident;
  • If the accident has caused property damage only and the owner of that property is not present at the scene of the accident.

The procedure for claiming compensation from the other driver's insurance company includes:

  • The injured third party claiming compensation from the insurer or the Bureau shall notify in writing, in person or through a representative, the responsible insurer or, in appropriate cases, the Bureau about the road accident within 3 working days of the accident, unless he is unable to do so for serious reasons. The injured third party shall submit, in person or through a representative, a claim for damages, a declaration or any other document concerning the circumstances of the road accident and signed by the persons involved in the road accident, in the event that the police were not called to the place of the road accident, as well as information and available documents about the responsible person, circumstances of the road accident and the documents that prove the fact of the damage caused in the road accident, and shall also give access to the documents evidencing the circumstances, fact and size of the damage;
  • Where the damage is caused to property, the injured third party must keep the damaged motor vehicle or other property in the condition as it was immediately after the accident until it is inspected by a person authorised by the responsible insurer or the Bureau and allow the person authorised by the insurer or the Bureau to inspect the damaged or destroyed property.


You do not have to use the official accident declaration form.

Accident declaration formlt

If you don't have an accident declaration form, you must note down the following facts while still at the scene of accident: the sketch of the accident, particulars of the parties involved in the road traffic accident, information related to the accident and witnesses to the event as well as the circumstances of the accident; all this information should be approved by signatures of the parties involved in the accident.


The minimum insurance coverage in Lithuania is:

  • for personal injury:
    • per victim: -
    • per claim: EUR 5 000 000
  • for damage to property:
    • per claim: EUR 1 000 000

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