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Updated : 01/03/2017

Car insurance cover abroad – Italy

If you have an accident, you should call the police to the scene of the accident if the accident causes hindrance to traffic or if there are injured people.

You must use the official accident declaration form, the standard CAI/CID form distributed by insurance companies. Fill it in and forward it to your insurance company.

If you do not have an accident declaration form, you must note down the following facts while still at the scene of accident:

  • date and time of the accident,
  • presence of injured people,
  • damages to the vehicles involved,
  • contact information on any witnesses,
  • your personal identification data,
  • description of your vehicle and identification data,
  • insurance information,
  • a description of how the accident happened,
  • any further observations,
  • signatures of both parties involved in the accident.

The minimum insurance coverage in Italy is:

  • for personal injury: per victim: EUR 5 000 000
  • for damage to property: per claim: EUR 1 000 000

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