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Last checked: 05/07/2018

Car insurance cover abroad – Iceland

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If you have an accident, you are required by law to call the police to the scene of the accident in the following circumstances: minor accident - individuals slightly injured, minor accident – individuals injured, major accident – casualties.

The procedure for claiming compensation from the other driver's insurance company includes: Filling out an Accident declaration (see below)

Fill out the form – and hand it over to your insurance company. Call the police on 112. They will advise you what to do. Do not move your car (unless it is in a dangerous position which might lead to another accident) and wait for the police to arrive. It is a legal requirement to carry a warning triangle and this should be used if necessary. In the meantime swap insurance information and addresses with the other driver. If you have a camera handy take pictures of the accident for the police and insurance purposes. You should give a copy of the police report to your insurance company.

You must use the official accident declaration form.

Accident declaration: Accident statementpdfis.

The maximum insurance coverage in Iceland is:

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